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Therapeutic Massage


Your session is designed for total relaxation and pain relief.  Personalized to your specific needs for a more focused session or a full-body, using combinations of Swedish, Therapeutic, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage Techniques. 

With several complimentary and premium enhancements,  you will be sure to find the pain relief or the moment of relaxation you need.

Cupping Therapy Massage

Cupping Therapy Massage in Portage, Michigan and Kalamazoo, Michigan

Cupping therapy stimulates stagnant blood flow in soft tissues making your muscles and fascia more responsive to massage manipulations and pain relief, by using either silicone or glass massage cups. It may be used as a treatment for sore muscles, fatigue, injury recovery, and much more.

This service is either booked as 60 minutes intending to focus on a smaller area of concern, or 75+ minutes to work on multiple problem areas. The cupping modality itself can also be incorporated into our customized sessions as well in focused areas.

*Please do not book if you are pregnant*

Headache Relief


Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Constantly dealing with migraine pain? Suffer from TMJ Disorder? Hop on the table for a targeted headache relief treatment.


This treatment utilizes Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy to target trigger points creating pain and tension throughout your upper body which may lead to headaches and migraines. Facial cupping, a head, neck, and shoulder massage, as well as cupping massage through the upper body may be used to help alleviate your ongoing pain.

Magnesium salve, Arnica cream, and a variety of headache-relieving essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomille, or Eucalyptus may be used to help provide the most relief.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage Portage Michigan Kalamazoo Michigan

Specifically designed to help ease the stresses of childbearing, using techniques to reduce stress on the joints, alleviate backaches, reduce edema, increase blood flow, and can aid in sleep.


Extra care is taken when positioning for optimal comfort and safety with reclined positioning and a prenatal table with breast and abdomen cutouts to allow you to lie comfortably face down, or the option to lie comfortably on your side.


If you are having a healthy pregnancy without major restrictions, massage is safe throughout the entire pregnancy. 

Face & Scalp Massage


If you deal with jaw tension, sinus congestion, allergies, or headaches, this service is for you! Included is a face, head, and neck massage.

Hive324 CBD Facial Serum is applied before small glass facial cups are used to glide over sore muscles and gently open the many bones in your face. Followed by the use of cold gel eye pads, cold Amethyst Facial Rollers, and cold Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stones to help reduce inflammation from allergies and sinus problems, as well as relieve tension through the jaw and head.


This service is completed with a neck and scalp massage to help you drift off into a total state of relaxation and tension relief.


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Warm towels, topical inflammation and pain relief creams, cold facial stones, hot stones, and doTERRA essential oils are included in your session. Just ask for them before your session, or make a note when you're booking.



Upgrade for an additional cost with premium enhancements such as CBD oil and balm or cupping massage. Just ask for them before your session, or make a note when you're booking.

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