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Whether you are looking for some much-needed relaxation and rest, or are working on healing injuries and pain, this space is for you. 

​Choose how long you would like your session to be, with the option to add 15 minutes of extended rest at the end of your session, take a look at the complimentary enhancements available for each session, and together we will create a plan for you. Each massage session is all-inclusive and tailored to meet your specific needs.


60 minutes $95

75 minutes $115

90 minutes $135

Therapeutic Massage


No one person is made the same, so why would your massage be? I listen to what both you and your body are telling me to provide you with the most relaxation and pain relief possible. That’s why I charge by time, not service.

You’ll never have to worry about choosing services or wondering what it will cost after you add up all the add-ons. 

I combine a variety of techniques, skills, modalities, and tools to deliver a truly individual session from cupping away those aches and pains to facial cupping for TMJ and sinus pressure to warm towels or aromatherapy. 

Prenatal Massage

Specifically designed to help ease the stresses of childbearing, using techniques to reduce stress on the joints, alleviate backaches, reduce edema, increase blood flow, and can aid in sleep.


Extra care is taken when positioning for optimal comfort and safety with reclined positioning and a prenatal table with breast and abdomen cutouts to allow you to lie comfortably face down, or the option to lie comfortably on your side.


If you are having a healthy pregnancy without major restrictions, massage is safe throughout the entire pregnancy. 

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Last-minute openings are shared via text to everyone on the waitlist. It will include a link to book online, so act fast if that time slot works for you!

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